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Northern Towers

A branch of ANZAB, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers

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Weddings at both Brisbane towers, next three months.

For weddings, the time shown is the time of the wedding, not the ringing.

   Wedding    St John's     13th April 2024     Saturday     2:00 pm     Cancelled   
   Wedding    St John's     20th April 2024     Saturday     3:00 pm       
   Wedding    St John's     26th April 2024     Friday     3:00 pm     Cancelled   
   Wedding    St John's     28th April 2024     Sunday     1:00 pm     Time changed   
   Wedding    St John's     3rd June 2024     Monday     3:00 pm     Bells TBC   
   Wedding    St John's     21st June 2024     Friday     10:30 am       
   Wedding    St John's     22nd June 2024     Saturday     3:00 pm     Time changed   
   Wedding    St John's     7th July 2024     Sunday     2:00 pm       
   Wedding    St John's     13th July 2024     Saturday     3:00 pm