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Northern Towers

A branch of ANZAB, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers

ANZAB towers

NZ, North Island         
NZ, South Island         
NSW (Sydney)         
NSW (country)         
Brisbane   St John's Cathedral  
Bundaberg   Christ Church  
Maryborough   St Paul's  
South Brisbane   St Andrew's  
South Australia         
Vic (Melbourne)         
Vic (country)         
Western Australia         

Christ Church, Bundaberg

   Bells: 6 bells. Tenor: 14-2-24 Link to Dove
Contact details:
Service ringing: Sun: 8:45-9:30am. Check ahead
Practice: By arrangement
Address: 59 Woongarra Street
Map: Click here for an interactive map, which will open in a new tab.
Addresses on the map are not necessarily correct postal addresses.
The map may point to some nearby address or junction rather than the church itself.
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